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External Tuners VGA Connection

Connecting External Tuner to NTSC TV

The VGA Connection

Where only Antenna or Cables coaxial feeder are available, a tuner, such as the CMT345, the TTB1205 or the CMT331 is required.

The CMT345, the TTB1205 or the CMT331 have a built-in VGA converter. It convert PAL and SECAM signals to computer digital VGA format with several high resolution options.

NTSC TV with VGA input (also referred to as HD-15 connection or PC input) required. By operating as a monitor, many problematic issues related to PAL/NTSC conversion are eliminated and replaced by a faster and better format/connection.

Coaxial Feeder from the wall ---> Tuner RF Input ---> VGA & Audio Out ---> Your NTSC TV VGA Input

We strongly suggest to verify with your TV user manual or the TV maker that the VGA connection input is available on your TV BEFORE placing your order.

Read more about Important Installation Tips here!

A VGA connection is shown in the picture below:

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