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331 & 345 & 1205 Important Installation Tips

Important Iinstalletion Notes*

Your tuner has 2 connection types to your TV:

1. Main Connection – VGA Out or Display Out
2. Secondary Connection - Composite Video or TV Out (yellow RCA socket)

The tuner’s configuration and setup MENU is available through the main VGA connection only. It is not available through the regular Composite Video (CV) connection.

To run the required configuration setup, use the supplied VGA cable to connect between the tuner and your TV or Video monitor.

After you run the setup (for channel, resolution and audio configuration) you may switch to the secondary connection – CV.

NTSC TV or Video monitors must always use the VGA connection.

If you do not have VGA connection on your TV, you may use a computer monitor to run the setup.

Please take notice that up-scaling the picture to higher resolutions is available through the VGA connection only. The resolution available through the CV connection is regular TV resolution.


* = For tuners CMT331, CMT345, TTB1205.

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